How it works

Big Shot Photo Group - photo booth staff

1. You, our awesome new client . . .

. . . schedules a call with one of these 4 Big Shot professionals to discuss your event and mutually decide which graphics, services, and features best compliment your vision and budget.  We want to know what you'd like your guests to experience & remember from this event you've spent months, maybe YEARS, planning?  We don't take your trust in us lightly.


2. Approve this message

Now that we know your expectations and dreams, our graphics gurus will get to work creating the magic that makes guests ooo and ahh.  You'll get to pick and choose from hundreds of green screen images or we'll create one from scratch.  Not into the green screen?  Let's bring in a traditional fabric back drop or step and repeat.  We'll also create a custom border overlay with your logo, event title, date, hash tags, a cute puppy or whatever else you'd like to see.


3. Okay, people. It's showtime!

About an hour before start time, two of our friendly, skilled, smiling professionals will arrive onsite.  We quickly set up, run test shots, and prepare for action.  When guests arrive, we gently invite them to the photo booth and show them the 5 green screen options you've

thoughtfully picked out just for them. "Now, step on over to the green screen.  Here we go! 3,2,1, ACTION!"  And the fun continues! They walk up to the photo booth screen and see their gorgeous selves pop onto the screen (pause for laughter). They'll send a copy to their email or text to a phone.  The picture appears in their inbox along with a catchy message you created. In the meantime . . .  "Wait, WHAT?" your guest asks. "We get it printed out, too? That's amazing!  This is so cool! What a fun idea! Thank you so much!"  Those comments never get old.

what your guests experience - play by play

Grab your friends, some props and strike a pose!

"Wow, that's a great photo!  Can I email or send to my phone?"  Heck, yeah, you can!

"NO WAY!"  While I emailed our pic, you printed this out out?!"  You guys are the best!"  Thanks, we try. ;)